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Revolutionary visions, perfect technic, outstanding design made in Germany – there is no better combination. KBL AG develops innovative sunbeds, manufactures and establishs them successfully in the markets worldwide. At its headquarter in the middle of Germany KBL offers a wide range of sunbeds and Collariums® – a portfolio unmatched by any other manufacturer in this industry sector.

medical study – Vitamin D enhances performance

Strong muscles need a sufficient supply of vitamin D, which was proven by a current medical study carried out by the Institute for Performance Diagnosis and Sports Traumatology in Koblenz.

For the study, the team led by Prof. Dr. Peter Billigmann examined a group of participants consisting of around 30 ambitious recreational sportsmen and professional athletes between the ages of 18 and 60. The study had a three-month duration during which the participants carried on with their normal training programme. At the beginning and at the end of the study the metabolic parameter “total creatine kinase” and “myoglobin”, as well as various physiological performance parameters were measured. In addition, the participants of the study were divided into three groups according to their vitamin D serum level – ideal range, vitamin D deficiency and serious vitamin D deficiency. Thereafter they were allotted varying amounts of sun tanning time in the mon amie Collarium® based on the vitamin D serum level, skin type and subjective perception. First of all, the result of this study proves that the vitamin D serum levels were verifiably increased by an individual sun tanning session in the mon amie Collarium®. Secondly, the catabolic metabolic state was enhanced and can thus be seen as a direct indication of improved regeneration and viewed as an indirect indication for improved physical performance.

The entire study is available directly from KBL AG. Fon: +49 (0) 2689.94260

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6800 alpha hurricane

The most clever 6 model

Groundbreaking Hurricane tubes.
The breath-taking Hurricane tubes of the 6800 alpha hurricane combine the most important wavelengths of sunlight in only one tube for the first time worldwide.
1. UVB - for the production of melanin and Vitamin D
2. UVA - to reach direct, intensive and attractive tan
3. Blue light - for pure and blemish-free skin
4. Red light (Collagen) - has a rejuvenating and soothing effect on your skin.
Simply clever - simply megaSun.

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